Justice Is Never Enough is the  4th Daniel Craig James Bond film. It also stars Miranda Kerr, Iggy Azalea and John Cusack. 

This marks the 4th time Daniel Craig appears and the title role of James Bond. It is also the 24th film in the bond franchise. it made 2.34 billion in the box office.

{{BondMovie | image = Bond 24.jpg

| caption = Production Poster | bond = Daniel Craig 

| writer = Ian Fleming  (Characters)

|producer = Steven Moffatt

| screenplay = John Logan 

| director = Steven Spielberg 

| music = Andrew Lloyd Webber

| composer = Murray Gold | performer = Emeli Sandé | distributor = Columbia Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

| released = UK: November 23, 2015 US: December 6, 2015

| runtime = 90 Minutes

| preceded_by = Skyfall

| followed_by = Bond 25 | editing = TBC | budget = 70

Million | gross = 2 Billion | song = Justice



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After multiple terrorist attacks on British embassies around the world, Bond (Daniel Craig) is set out to find the culprits. It is revealed a planned take over is set to happen from a unknown island. the islands royal family have been murdered except for the princess Maldiva (Miranda Kerr). She is kept in captivity. James takes her out of it and plans to blow up the country. But, he is traumatized by a familiar face.

Cast EditEdit

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Miranda Kerr as Princess Maldiva

Benedict Cumberbatch as Julius NO

Ralaph Fiennes as M

John Cusack as Q

Iggy Azalea as Miss Moneypenny

Dwayne Johnson as Henchman 1

John Cena as Henchman 2

Song EditEdit

In August 2014, it was announced Emeli Sandé will be singing the official song. It took her 3 months to pick the best one. It was released on the 21st October 2015.

Rumors EditEdit

Benedict Cumberbatch would be a villain TRUE

Hetti Bywater would be Miss Money Penny Part true, She wanted too but declined due to her role on Eastenders. She left in April 2014 so she will be in the next film.

Car EditEdit

Audi A3

Releases EditEdit

UK November 23, 2015

US AUS NZ CHA December 6 2016

Rest Of The World January 14th 2016

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